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7 Reason why Iceland is the Photographer's Paradise

You may have seen a lot of remarkable photos come out of Iceland. Of course, with the right amount of planning, it is possible to take incredible photos almost anywhere. And yet, there remains something special about Iceland; what is it exactly that makes Iceland such a special place to photograph?…

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When and Where to see Whales in Iceland

It’s peaceful, calm and then suddenly very exciting. A burst of water, a breath. A fluke (tail) rises from the water, then descends gently back down again. The gentle giant dives. Whale watching in Iceland is great. It’s really special experience to head out to see a whale move greacefully through gentle fjord waters or out across a bay, relatively close to the shore. It turns out tha…

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The Nomadic Arctic Fox in Iceland

The Arctic Fox, Alopex lagopus (meaning “the rabbit-footed” in latin) has to take the crown as Iceland’s cutest animal ever. They have short muzzles, ears and legs, and they come in two morphs: blue and white. Their coats change colour with the seasons, changing to white for camouflage in the snow. The Arctic Fox in Iceland is the largest native, non-migratory terrestrial homeothermic animal on the island.…

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