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How did Reykjavik get it's name?

Reykjavik. It’s the capital of Iceland. Population 123 300, and 216,940 in the Greater Capital Area. For a lot of people, it’s difficult to pronounce (like a lot of things in Icelandic), but the story of how Reykjavik was named is actually pretty simple. As always, however, with all things Icelandic and historical, there is some pretty interesting back story to how this all unfolded.…

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Rover of the Month: Laura Knits and Hikes!

When you like knitting as much as being out in nature, you need a specific kind of tour. Laura found exactly the right tour for her, “knitting on ice” and went home with a lifetime of memories. Super jeeps, awesome nature and a tonne of knitting are just some of the experiences that we offer to special interests.…

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5 Reasons Why Icelandic Skyr is so Popular

What is Skýr? It’s like yogurt, but not quite. It’s made from milk solids once the cream has removed, has no milk in it. Icelandic Skýr is actually, strictly speaking, a cheese, and requires a lot of milk to make: up to 3 or 4x more milk than yogurt! It is made from skimmed milk (ironically, it is common to add cream to Skýr).…

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6 Icelandic Churches (Other than Hallgrímskirkja) Worth Seeing

Iceland has a lot of quirky little churches, and the diversity is immense: some are cute and cosy, some look like spaceship that are primed for take off. There are at least 1000 churches in Iceland, so for this little list we have chosen our 6 favourites. We decided to exclude Hallgrimskirkja, the central Lutheran church in Reykjavik, because that would make it too easy. Here are 6 others that you should try to get around and see.…

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Rovers of the Month: James and Bonnie get a Last Minute Adventure!

The following is a story about which we are very proud, it reminds us why we do what we do. James and Bonnie came to Iceland and bumped into a logistical problem, which we were more than happy to solve, and they both went form having nothing to do to having a day out to remember for a very long time. This is their story…

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When the Lóa Arrives, Spring is Here!

As the days get longer and the nights get shorter, usually, temperatures usually (but not always) come up too. We have had an unusually short winter in Iceland this year, shortly followed up by a record snowfall, swiftly to return to our non-existent winter again. And then there was snow again. Just another day in Iceland.…

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Easter in Iceland

Easter is an interesting time in Iceland. It starts on Maundy Thursday (Skírdagur), which in 2017 falls on April 13th and ends Easter Monday (Annar í páskum) falling on April 17th. It’s a nice, long, 5 day 4 night weekend which many people use to escape to the countryside, or leave the country altogether.…

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Accommodation in Iceland

So, you’re coming to Iceland. Or you’re thinking about coming to Iceland. Where do you want to stay? Have you ever wondered what sort of accommodation you might find in the Land of Fire and Ice?…

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