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The Magical Staves of Iceland

The culture of Iceland is full of mythology and magic. From the Sagas and Eddas of the vikings; to elves and trolls and stories of witchcraft, Iceland is indeed the land of magic and magical creatures and, as it turns out, Galdrastafir; an Icelandic word which translates to [galdra] “magical” [stafi] “sticks” or staves.…

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Icelandic New Years Traditions

When it comes to New Years, Iceland is one of THE places to experience it. You might not think it, but there is a whole lot of party wrapped in such a small country! Iceland has a few important New…

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The Christmas Book Flood (Jólabókaflóð)

Per capita, Iceland has the largest publishing industry in the world, with 3.5 books published per 1000. Reading books is obviously very important in Iceland, as is the act of gifting them. It all starts with the a catalogue listing all the publications that will be available during the festive period.…

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Rover of the Month: Akash Does Essential Iceland

Our “Rovers” are those who have decided to explore Iceland their own way, at their own pace. Akash Mehta joined us on our “Essential iceland” tour, where he even got on top of a glacier! We caught up with him after he got home, and he had all this to say about his experience with us.…

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Touring Iceland in a Super Jeep

In Iceland, a small car with a small wheel base can get you to some beautiful places. However, if you do stick to a regular car, there is at least as much outside of your reach as there is within.…

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Top 5 Icelandic Foods

There is a lot of interesting food in Iceland, and we could never cover it all in one post. Instead, we picked 5 of the most people, and many of them are traditional, so traditional that people have been eating it since Icelad was first settled over 1000 years ago!…

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